Sweet Tea Yoga | Peachtree City Brand Video

One of our most recent brand videos was for a local yoga studio!

If we’re going to spend two days filming a brand video, a yoga studio is for sure the most relaxing space I’d want to be in! Sarah has built a beautiful yoga studio in Peachtree City, Ga that attracts all types of skill levels, from beginner students to more advanced yogis. She even has classes for new moms in her baby and me class! Her students rave about the supportive community she has built, the accepting culture, and relaxing environment everyone needs in their day to day life. This brand video was created for the Sweet Tea Yoga website, to help potential students see what they could be a part of and why they would want to be a part of it. 

It is evident that hearing directly from Sarah and her students will make so many more people consider yoga as their top choice of physical activity and outlet mental wellness. If you are located in Fayette County Ga, you should definitely check her out!

Play Video about woman in yoga class
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