Why your business should hire us for monthly video content:

Monthly Video Content Saves you Money

If you come to us for a one time project (consisting of a full day shoot, interviews, broll, etc), our prices can be anywhere from $5,500 – $10k.  One time projects are fine as long as someone on your marketing team has a specific purpose and strategy on how to implement the video into their current marketing strategies.


In contrast, our monthly video packages start at $1600 for one shoot a month and you would receive four 15-30 second videos that you can drip over the course of a month.  If you do this for 3 months, it’s only $4800 and you have a collection 12 videos you can use on your social media, newsletters, website or paid advertising.  If you didn’t have a strategy before – with this much content, you do now!


I’d love to hear from you if you think somehow monthly isn’t a better deal!

Monthly Content Saves You Time

When you hire us for your monthly content, you aren’t just hiring a video production company.  We study your brand, we learn about your target audience, we research your topics of concern, and we align ourselves with your overall goals. 


In short, we will match your brand, tone and voice while generating content ideas that prioritize the top three pillars of marketing – demand generation, demand conversion and build loyalty.  We can even post the content we create for you with strategic hashtags, thumbnails and more.

We'll share your brand story

This one is a new idea for us too… but you don’t actually need a 2 – 4 minute one time video to share your brand story.  You can share your brand story through monthly content!

We want to create story driven monthly content that feels like snippets of your brand story – mini documentaries – that share your values, the quality you provide, shows a bit behind the scenes, and all the reasons why your audience would fall in love with your product or service. 

We'll elevate your brand

In a world of user generated content (UGC), we can not deny the useful tool it has become in business strategies in today’s market. But we will stand firm that professional video content, mixed in with UGC content, elevates the look and feel of your brand.  It gives you authority in your field, it gives your audience a sense that they can trust you, and establishes your business as one that produces high quality product and services.


So while we don’t believe UGC is going anywhere, we believe professional video content is here to stay for business marketing, and will take your business to the next level.

Are you ready to discuss how monthly content can grow your business and save you money? Contact us today for to schedule a free consultation.

We are Southern Light Cinema, a video agency in Atlanta, passionate about helping you connect with your target audience, through engaging and authentic content. 

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