St. Regis Atlanta Recruitment Video

Talent attraction has been a buzzword these days within businesses looking to recruit from an extremely small pool of willing and available applicants. The biggest question we here is "How do we stand out from other companies?"

There was a time when offering higher salaries and perks would land you the best talent, but those days are (mostly) over. If your business is hiring and are looking to not only recruit available talent but top notch talent, you have to lead with the intangibles of what makes your organization stand out such as community, culture, and values. If you don't know what those are going into an interview with talent, you won't be able to communicate why you are the best option! St. Regis Atlanta was seeking to find talented individuals to join their team, so we created a high end, luxury recruitment video for them to help capture the attention of the right audience. We created two (1) minute videos for them, one that focuses more on the butler experience and another on the culinary, so they can share their message on social media, platforms, youtube, and advertising outlets. This is just one of the ways hiring a professional video company can help your business!

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