Commercial Video Production

Filming in our studio

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we love telling stories through documentary style story telling, typically through voice overs or interviews.  But did you know we also shoot commercials?  Take a look at this product commercial we produced for Love Nomads Coffee, located in Fayetteville Ga!  


At Southern Light Cinema, we are actually coffee snobs.  We know good coffee when we taste it (black), and not so good coffee (even just by smelling it!).  When producing this commercial, we wanted show the coffee in a way that makes you crave a cup of high quality joe right then and there.  Not only is it locally roasted by coffee connoisseur and owner Nate Harkness, but there is a greater mission to give back.  Love nomads is a nonprofit that supports nomadic populations in Africa, to help transform their communities for the better.  We wanted this commercial to be simple and to the point, create intrigue and leave you wanting to find out more.  We believe this video on a social media ad or YouTube ad, would drive droves of locals to want to learn more!  Take a look!

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