"Success to us is connecting our clients to their audience through beautiful, authentic content."

Kaye Snyder

Brand Strategist, Director

Matt Seagle

Lead Creative, Director/DP

Jon Snyder

Producer, Sales Manager

Video production services include


Script Writing
Story Boarding
Location Scouting


Brand Story Videos
Product Videos
Drone Video
Testimony Videos
Facebook Ads
Master Classes


Video Editing
Color Correction
Sound Design
Motion Graphics
Color Grading
Voice Overs
Text Animation
Special Effects


YouTube Research
Upload Management
Thumbnail Designs
Title Suggestions
Description Copy
Hashtags and Keywords
Title Cards

Brand services include

Brand Discovery

One-on-on Workshops
C-Suite Workshops
Brand Audit
Competitor Research
Market Research
Messaging/Target Audience

Monthly Content

Social Presence Audit
Brand Research
Target Audience Research
Content Planning
Professional Video Reels
Photo Carousels

Our Creative services

You see the bigger picture, and so do we

Kaye best describes herself as a creative director, video marketer, photography and brand specialist.  Sometimes she’s behind the camera, sometimes she’s directing a full team, or sometimes she’s leading a brand discovery workshop – but no matter what – she has the clients brand and marketing goals.  Kaye loves to collaborate on projects, so if you are looking to bring her in on your project, she’d love to learn more to see how she can help you achieve your vision!

Jon is a people person, connecting with people is what he does best. If you run into him, he may very well likely give you insight on how you can run your business better or marketing tips you could be working on – or he may just share whats on his heart. Jon identifies the overall vision of how video and photography can help your businesses, and determines if we may be a good fit for you. If you see him at a networking event, be sure to introduce yourself or say hi!

southern light cinema owner
Atlanta video production team on outdoor shoot
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